Working Wellness

 bespoke corporate wellness packages 

View our in and out of office wellness solutions for your employees, where we take care of their mental, emotional and physical well-being. Not only do we provide expert wellness services, we empower your staff with the knowledge and understanding needed for them to take care of their own well-being long after their time with us.

Out of Office Well-being Solution - Corporate Day Retreats

Our Corporate Day Retreats are a unique spin on the classic team building days that have been done for so long now. We offer a whole day of wellness for up to 10 members of staff at a time. Our private premises is a real escape from the hustle and bustle on a beautiful Essex Farm so your staff will have a truly relaxing experience with us. The day is designed to focus on physical, mental and emotional well-being with yoga, workshops, healthy eating, meditation, gong baths and more! We can also add holistic treatments such as a range of massages, reflexology, beauty treatments and Reiki if you so wish.


This service is great as a reward for targets being met, as a Christmas or business anniversary treat, and also simply for just making sure your staff are taken care of and educated on how best to manage their wellness at work. Whatever your reasons for choosing our out of office solution, you can rest assured that your staff will return back to the office with a whole host of brand new ways they can continue to take care of themselves and be the most productive staff member possible.

In office well-being solution


When you opt for our in office solution, we bring our expertise to you in a range of ways, so you can choose what is best for your business. 

6 Wellness Workshop Bundle.

For 6 weeks we come to you and provide our series of workshops all focused on various elements of wellness and wellbeing. You choose the day of the week, the time and the frequency, and we provide the materials, any equipment needed such as yoga mats, the knowledge and the expert content. We will discuss in detail your requirements and ensure we tailor the series of workshops to meet your companies needs. This includes choosing the right time to deliver the workshops with minimal disruption to your working day and the exact content to meet the needs of your staff. 


In House Clinics


In house clinics are a great way to provide your staff with professional care, without taking up lots of their valuable time at work. Our team can be on site for a morning, an afternoon or an entire day and take one to one 30 minute sessions with your staff. Clinics we offer include Counselling, Mindfulness, Yoga, Reflexology and Massage.


Staff Retreat


We combine our skill set and services to put together an educational and unique retreat style experience. Your members of staff will learn the power of Transformational Breathing and the science behind how we can use our breath to alter our Autonomic Nervous System for better well-being. They will also learn several techniques for managing stress and anxiety including Creative Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, QiGong and much more. Each portion of the day retreat experience is divided into  a) theory and education, and b) practical experience, so not only will your staff learn in depth about each topic, they will be expertly guided to experiencing it for themselves and seeing how amazing these techniques can make you feel. 

With a strong focus on education, each staff member is provided with a detailed information pack covering everything they will learn and experience for themselves during our time together. This is important as it means the benefits of the day can be taken further and incorporated into small and easy lifestyle changes that will make a huge difference to over all well-being. 

Be Well At Work