Talking Therapy: Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy

Talking therapy at The Wellness Barn is provided by Emily who founded Emily Hughes Therapy to bring a more holistic approach to the traditional style of clinical counselling.


Having spent years renting spaces in clinics throughout London and Essex, I came to feel that one hour of counselling a week with my clients wasn't enough, and that more focus needed to be around Holistic Wellness; sharing ways in which we can change our life style as a whole to better improve the 'issue' we are in therapy for. This is how the idea of The Wellness Barn was born; somewhere people in therapy can go to explore all the wonderful ways that a holistic approach can better their physical, emotional and mental well-being. My Counselling and Hypnotherapy sessions completely reflect this approach and blend seamlessly with all of our holistic services at the barn. 


During my sessions there is a strong focus on being able to 'Self Soothe' and one of the main ways I help with this is through Transformational Breathing Techniques, or Pranayama. This way of breathing is typically found in yoga classes and is a big part of our Apanaveda style of Yoga, but is less often found in a counselling session. Combining this technique with more traditional counselling approaches creates a unique and hugely effective therapeutic experience which is enabling clients to come away from harmful medication, self medicating and other unhelpful coping mechanisms and instead to feel empowered and back in control, especially when it comes to anxiety and panic disorders.  

Therapy is perfect for anyone wishing to improve, heal, grow, overcome or understand anything about themselves or their lives. This can range from Anxiety, working on self esteem, depression to relationship issues, past traumas, eating disorders, stress, self harm, unwanted habits and so much more. At The Wellness Barn, we have a private, peaceful space where we can work through whatever it is you need to in total peace, dealing with whatever this brings up. A wide range of techniques will be used depending on you as a person and what you are bringing into therapy. Together, we will agree on a plan and start our journey moving completely at your pace. More information about my style of therapy, my prices and client reviews can be found on my website.